AI Skin Labs

B2B platform for collection, storage and AI analysis of skin and lifestyle data

About AI Skin Labs

The project develops B2B platform "Skin SaaS" for skin data analysis using computer vision. Skin SaaS allows to collect, store, analyze skin images with machine learning algorithms. Skin SaaS also allows to annotate, generate cosmetics recommendation and business analytics. The platform is customized for each client from pre-built blocks.

Our solution

The goal of the project is to create machine learning algorithms and provide services based on artificial intelligence for beauty and skin health through a cloud platform - Skin SaaS. Skin SaaS is analytics platform for B2B with a set of widgets, which is tailored to every client.

Skin SaaS allows to:

• Analyze images with computer vision algorithms;

• Analyze additional user data: metadata/data from mobile applications and aggregators (GoogleFit, Apple Health);

• Calculate multiple statistics and metrics, business analytics;

• Export reports and download results as raw data;

• Make targeted recommendations of cosmetics products to different users or subgroups of users;

• Generate images with specified parameters using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN's);

• Annotate datasets for learning and improving algorithms;

• Retrain algorithms on new data.


Skolkovo IT Cluster

Skolkovo IT Cluster

The goal of the Skolkovo Information Cluster (ITC) is to create an environment in Russia where new ITC projects proposed be Skolkovo participants may be developed and commercialixed.
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